Kathy Petrino has your best travel destination for the 4th of July

June 22, 2019
From big fireworks to notable reenactments of the nation’s history, cities across the United States go all out in celebrating the Fourth of July. Avid traveler and adventure writer Kathy Petrino has visited many of these remarkable events and suggests a few for those seeking a seasonal vacation. New York City is often escaped by residents during major holidays, but Petrino says travelers can discover of the country’s largest fireworks display hosted by Macy’s and launched off the East River. And in Nashville, the annual Let Freedom Sing celebration features some of music’s best alongside bright lights. Or, added Petrino, soak in history in Washington, D.C., before their annual Capitol Fourth with top entertainment for the nation’s birthday.

Blogger Kathy Petrino Thinks All Should See the Beauty of Florida’s Emerald Coast

March 20, 2019
There is something of a selfish component to why Kathy Petrino loves to write about her extensive travel itinerary. Her greatest desire is to teach people how to enjoy traveling to the best places, while also keeping her favorite haunts popular.  When they thrive she can visit again and again. Because she has a generous spirit, Kathy also would like for those who read her blog to make fewer of the missteps she has made on the same trips.

One of Kathy Petrino’s favorite destinations is the Emerald Coast of Florida.Once called the “Redneck Riviera,” that moniker has been replaced in recent years because celebrities and “beautiful people” have transformed the motley assortment of beach towns and resorts by encouraging a revitalization. As the “Emerald Coast” of Florida, many savvy investors have built lots of new hotels and condo buildings, including the region’s first-ever five-star resort, called Henderson Beach Resort. During this boom, the town of Seaside has become one of the most beautiful and eco-friendly towns in Florida.

Kathy Petrino recommends these Mediterranean municipalities that dot the Amalfi Coast

December 20, 2018
Every year, millions of tourists flock to Italy from around the world; that includes five million guests annually to the shimmering shores of the southern Amalfi Coast. This 35-plus-mile coastline of historic homes, ancient building, vibrant vegetation, towering seaside cliffs, renowned Italian fare and beautiful beaches boasts 13 municipalities in total. Kathy Petrino, avid traveler and emerging travel blogger on the global destinations she visits, recognizes the vacationing value of this stunning spot. The Amalfi Coast, Petrino states, is a location worthy of everyone’s international travel bucket list.

From the sharply alpine town of Ravello that provides memorable ocean views to Praiano with its secluded shorelines for all beach lovers, the bakers dozen of towns dotting the Amalfi Coast provide a little bit of something for everyone as Kathy Petrino can attest. Lying between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno along the Mediterranean Sea, the Amalfi Coast boasts warm summers and mild winters in addition to individual attractions among each city. In Cetara, one can discover the Tower of Cetara while the one of the oldest pastas in the world is found in Minori. Cathedrals and churches serve as primary attractions in many of the coast’s municipalities, such as the Amalfi Cathedral in the city of the same name and the Church of Saint John Baptist in Vietri sul Mare.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site, says Petrino, is one of the most beautiful to visit, explore and photograph, filled to its brim with history and leisurely activities alike. For any tourist of the beautiful globe, it’s a can’t-miss destination.

Kathy Petrino suggests sites in Seattle, Washington

September 15, 2018
It can be rainy. It can be chilly. But it’s scenic, innovative and filled with things to explore. Seattle, Washington -- cleverly also known as Emerald City -- has tourist attractions to its brim. From the Space Needle to Pike Place Market, Seattle is known for many things, including its historic grunge music scene and being the founding place for Starbucks coffee. But avid traveler and writer Kathy Petrino dove a bit deeper into this city in the Northwest United States to discover more of what makes it so magical for residents and visitors alike.

As adventurer Petrino found, Seattle has much to offer everyone. For all ages, she suggests Seattle’s waterfront with its Great Wheel, Seattle Aquarium, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, ferry rides among piers and many options for dining. The infamous gum wall is worth a glimpse -- near Pike Place Market, it’s a silly stop where anyone and everyone can leave their mark on the city. Petrino also recommends the Seattle Underground, a true adventure underneath the current city where one can view former storefronts and signage as well as streets. In traveling the world, Petrino has seen many sights and in Seattle, she notes ample shows, hiking opportunities, festivals, parks and more to make the absolute most of seeing the city and enjoying what this Emerald gem has to offer.